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Yonezawa Sake Brewery, Imanishuki Junmai Ginjo Kinmonnishiki

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Type of sake: Junmai Ginjo

Alcohol content: 16%

Sake rice: Kinmon Nishiki

Characteristic of the sake

This is a rather particular sake that uses a Kinmon Nishiki sake rice which is only really used by sake breweries in Nagano Prefecture. A very fruity and aromatic sake. To enjoy the aroma even more I would suggest serving it in a wine glass. Is a soft medium-bodied sake.

Recommended food to pair with: pate or foie gras

KuraMaster 2019 Junmai Daiginjo category Platinum award(The best award)
International Wine Challenge  2016 Silver award / 2018 Bronze award

CMB ~SAKE selection~
∟2018 Junmai Ginjo category Gold award


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