Dear Sake Importers 海外の日本酒輸入業者様へ

Dear Sake importers

Please read about us

Our services:

1. Export Sake (also we have export license on Liqueur, Shochu, Awamori, Whisky, Gin)  

2. Create Private brand (OEM Reiwashu Sparkling sake, Three Goddess Gift Set - all sold out) 

3. Sake tours (Our sake tours are available through Japan Travel,, TripAdvisor and more)

4. Sake information media: YouTube channel Sake Lovers Japan - introducing about sake breweries (please check out the interview series) and we are running weekly Clubhouse sake program regularly. Please check out Sake Club sake shack. For example:

What is unique about Sake Lovers Inc

1. We focus on small craft sake breweries only and currently, we handle about 100 craft sake breweries in Japan. (In Japan there are about 1300 sake breweries)

2. We run sake media to raise exposure about the small craft sake breweries. 

3. We can make original brands and original labels.

4. We ran over 50 online sake tours during pandemic to support small craft sake breweries. We ran physical sake tours and sake making tours as well. 

5. We have over 1000 members in Sake Lovers community Washukai and Sake Lovers facebook community respectively. 

The process of sake export

1. Video meeting

2. Discuss what kind of sake you want to procure

3. Set online meeting with breweries and send sake bottles for tasting

4. Sign agreement and receive payment from you

5. Ship sake in ship containers or in flight (temperature controlled) 

6. Support your sake sales (place banner in / coordinate online sake tours for your clients etc - please consult what you want to do.)   

Where we export?

Currently we export to Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, Belgium and Germany. We hope to expand more.

We also carry export license on whiskey, shochu, awamori, Japanese wine and craft gin.

Which breweries are our main sake breweries?

Yoshidaya, Maruse Shuzoten, Watanabe Shuzoten, Nishioka Honten, Takeuchi Shuzoten, Yonezawa sake brewery 


We are currently stopping the monthly sake subscription system but we might resume depending on demand. Washukai Select

Contact: info atmark (to avoid spam please forgive us to write in this way)  

Google slide explaining about us