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Yonezawa Sake Brewery, Nakagawamura no Tamako, Tokubetsu Junmai

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Tokubetsu (Special) Junmai made from sake rice in Nakagawamura by unique Sakasou filtering. Relatively dry and clear taste.   


Explanation by Nigel Hay, a Kiwi sake brewer at Yonezawa sake brewery

Type of sake: Tokubetsu Junmai

Alcohol content: 16%

Sake rice: Miyama Nishiki

Characteristic of the sake:

This sake is the spring-themed sake with the pink label matching Japan’s iconic cherry blossoms.  This sake is made entirely with Miyama Nishiki sake rice grown locally in Nakagawa Village. It starts out with a gentle muscat grape aroma which over time settles down to more of a aroma that makes you think of honey.  Despite having a sweet aroma, the taste itself isn’t sweet, rather it is rich with a fine balance of acidity and umami.   

For those of you that enjoy hot sake, this tastes fantastic not just chilled, but also at nuru-kan (40°C).

Recommended food to pair with: Given the harmony between the acidity and umami of this sake, it goes well with a large variety of food.

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