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Sawada Shuzo, Junmai Ginjo Kankiko "Chiisana yorokobi"

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IWC Sake Challenge 2020 Silver award sake!

Kankiko Junmai Ginjo "Chiisana yorokobi"

Rice: Yamadanishiki rice

Rice polishing ratio: 60%

Alcohol content: 16%

Nihonshudo (Sake Meter Value): 1.6

Dry sake

Characteristics of Sake: Using Yamadanishi 100% produced in Hyogo prefecture. Polished down to 60%, the flavor is clean and has a clear finish.

The elegant aroma distinctive to Ginjoshu balances well with acidity. 

Recommended food to pair with: marinated white fish, tomato and mozzarella cheese caprese, tofu, grilled shrimp, white fish grilled with white wine and more.

Recommended temperature to drink: Cool it and drink with wine glass. Or in room temperature. (5 to 25 degree Celsius) 

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