Tsukiji Sake Salon: collaboration with Sake Communication

by 長野京子

English follows Japanese 9月末までオンライン酒蔵イベントを開催中ですが、毎回WIFI環境が悪い方などの理由で参加したい方は唎酒師の方々とともに築地サケサロンから御参加いただくこともできます。


Sake Lovers Inc is organizing online sake tasting events with sake breweries but due to request from participants who are facing bad WIFI connection etc, we are collaborating with Tsukiji Sake Salon and sake sommeliers there so those participants who want to join physically from the salon, please contact us. It is 5500 yen including sake set and food. You can watch the large screen using the projector at the salon so you can communicate with the brewery at the event.