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Yoshidaya Bansho Junmaidaiginjo Fugen no Yume set

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720ml Bansho Label Jyunmai Daiginjo

Yamada nishiki rice made in Nagasaki is polished to 50%. This nihonshu is made by Sakura kobo yeast. Elegant acidity and clear dry taste.

The fragrance will slowly fill your mouth and also contains mildness.

■  Alcohol content:17.1
■ Nihonshudo (SMV):+6
■ Acidity:1.8
■ Sake rice: Yamadanishiki
■ Polishing rate:50%
■ Recommended temperature:Cold・Room temperature
■ Kobo yeast:Sakura Kobo yeast

Jyunmai Ginjo Fugen no Yume 720ml

Standard taste nihonshu. There are many Nihonshu lover repeaters and warm sake is also recommended.

Matured fragrance and umami. Clear dry type.

■ Alcohol content:15
■ Nihonshudo (SMV):+5
■ Acidity:1.6
■ Sake rice:Gohyakumangoku
■ Polishing rate:60%
■ Recommended temperature:Cold ‣ Room temperature‣Warm
■ Kobo yeast:Sakura yeast

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